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Why are mobile devices not allowed to be used during refuelling?


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  • Seek Chang Yeong

    People often love to put more flame, pun intended, on combustion while using mobile phone at petrol station. I'm not saying that ppl r overreacted, true to be told, there is possible for a electronic device has to be one of the factor that ignite, but, this is a really big BUT, in order to make it exploded, a circuit need to be closed one with few requirements to match the every other resources to become a "bomb" so to speak.

    What is the other resources? The electrostatics that you need to brush it off when u step out the car, the cloths n shoe that u wearing, even humidity of the petrol station n a little bit of the bad luck, also need to take account of the mobile device that u have, like nowsaday telco company often do their best to perfect it by several stress test b4 it out in the market. Galaxy Note 7 that one as I recalled is because of their battery overheat, which at the time could be happening to anywhere.. Like I said, unless u r surrounded by fuel, a little sparks like faulty circuit in your phone, is just like a silent fart, which is less less danger compare to you have your engine on while u refuel.

    Hence, those aunty aunty should just chill while someone put their earphone on to listen thru their phone or they r obviously do not want to interact with other soul.

    We all knew there is risk on everything, if not, ppl will just stay home, even stay at home also cannot predict those unforeseen. So, what can we do? Focus on ourselves first, focus on ppl we can love first.. Warning signs r everywhere in the petrol station, dont go n shout at those idiots like if anything happened u will jump to them n save the day.. 😂


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